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新作-  诗意生活 成都卓越樾山府销售中心|售楼处



Chengdu yuoyue yue shan mansion project, which took nearly half a year to build, is located in chenglong avenue, the main axis of dongjin and adjacent to longquan mountain urban forest park. Excellence adheres to the brand proposition of "value, aesthetics, innovation", craftsmanship to create a large and medium-sized courtyard enclosed low-density foreign housing community, restore the true nature of life, in the fresh oxygen of longquan mountain to redefine the tianfu life scale of chengdu people.


In pie is designed, the case with the key of "time" as the theme, would be out of the way of traditional five elements and the nature of the wise men of the art knowledge, choose the translation with abstract art gimmick expression, blend in remarkable aesthetic artistic conception in interior design and soft outfit design, built a living prosperous, the heart is belong to the nature of the urban landscape meet experience scene, the open chengdu people to slow the poetry and the pursuit of quality of life.


Like the undulation of the longquan mountains, the interlaced fine grilles convey a sense of ethereal elegance and add real stone and living water to make the appearance design blend into the miniature of the landscape, realize the poetic tone between the virtual and the real, and create the scenery of the water courtyard with dense clouds and looming clouds.


Turn left and walk along the corridor. There is a tree planted in the middle of the water. Walking into the lobby, an artistic installation created with suspended charcoal is simple, elegant and chic in style. It decorates the space on the right side of the lobby. Its wood charcoal black tone, coral grey background wall and pale white reception desk constitute a gradation of dark and light colors, with a long charm.



Designers to understand the device on the basis of the cultural and natural relationship vocabulary, from the suspension of charcoal materials associated with the traditional five elements of the principle of "" aquatic wood, wood fire, set the level of the smallpox of overlapping state simulation of the outdoor sky shine, will be polished marble art installation in the ground water surface treatment, the sensible reflected in the mirror, the water flow phase extends continuously, also with the adjacent water produces convection, connection on the level of image, courtyard expression all things free up the spirit of artistic conception.


"Design is a creative process that can grasp the grand narrative, but also take into account the small details and freely. In this case, we follow the clues of time to the boundless universe and vast sea of stars beyond light years, trying to complete an artistic and poetic space narration from the perspective of time, allowing people to return to the core of the spiritual world and find a place of peace of mind and body. "Says pichon.


沙盘区灯饰的抽象线条似树枝般旁逸斜出、纤细灵动,其设计灵感来源于亚历山大·考尔德的动态雕塑“Snow Flurry”,随着空气的流动,不同视角下灯饰形状各异,类比日月星辰在内的宇宙平衡关系,总能给人带来新奇感,亦是诗意与艺术的格调升华。

Sand area the abstract line of lamp act the role ofing, escape inclined out, like the branches slender clever, its design inspiration comes from the dynamic sculpture of Alexander Calder, "Snow Flurry", as the air flow, lamp act the role ofing shapes under different Angle of view, analogy balance between universe, moon and stars, always brings novelty, is also the style of poetic and artistic sublimation.



The ceiling design of the hall in the negotiation area adopts simplified sloped roof structure, and the ridges are decorated with light belts to enhance the geometric sense of the space. Stylist is on smooth and clean slope housetop, with the way that smallpox engrave hole 50mm deep embedded the ejaculation light of different norms, imitate the star that gleams ray one by one, the line of sight of the person connects them to become a line, form a starry sky, continuance sand dish area lamp ACTS the role of the clue about cosmic star.


Negotiation area place Chen warm white sofa set, short a few log, sand color carpet, on the tonal reach a kind of poetic flavour, central scene simulation flower art act the role ofing to chrome yellow end, make the space integral of plain and neat elegant breath, build a fireside chat, warm emerging life scenes, just a little, can fine taste a quiet life poem.



The designer brought the outdoor architecture and landscape effect into the indoor vision to the greatest extent through the large area of full-bright floor-to-ceiling glass Windows, recording the time-shifting time epitome with the concept of viewing space. VIP negotiation area is set near the window, adjacent to the outdoor water courtyard, people sit here, the sky light, clouds, rocks and water all fall into the eye, comfortable and leisurely.


Here with elegant wooden shelf is clever partition, listed play decorations are delicate and gentle, designers cleverly into the water without a shape as the base of the silver tree art end scene, tree composed of ancient characters meet build by laying bricks or stones one by one, with a shape freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese painting arts and humanities and natural water of collision and saliva foam bead jade, will to the best of the lasting appeal of time express.



The background wall of the water bar area is of coral gray tone, which forms a contrast of depth and tone with the elegant white bar counter. Under the marble material, the aesthetics of remaining white is extended on the veins, presenting the artistic tone of simple atmosphere.


儿童区仍由宇宙星空元素装点,同时加入以全球知名艺术家Lawrence Argent创作的巨型大熊猫装置“I AmHere”的缩略版,以及法国竹置艺术家 Laurent Martin设计的竹雕艺术品 ,打造出一个可供孩童安静阅读、快乐玩耍的乐园,任其尽情遨游在探索星空的遐想之中。

Children area is decorated by the universe star elements, at the same time, joining a global famous artist Lawrence Argent creative giant panda device "I AmHere" mini version, and the French bamboo artist Laurent Martin design of famous works of art, and create a quiet reading for children, happy to play in the park, allow the free roam in exploring star daydream.


Time flies, mountains and rivers have met. Pie is design from the design of 21 years, with unique artistic and aesthetic accumulation, return to the understanding of life, from the time dimension in the key of a time for excellence, with mountain house life_ annotation space, through the unique temperament, life in chengdu on temperature, texture of chengdu life imagination, define the city new world poetry.




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